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Janet Stuart advises:
"I was recently asked to knit jerseys for sheep at Wellington Zoo"..

"These are the sheep in the workshop being dressed
and the other is on display at Wellington Zoo".
"We don't only knit for ourselves........."
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On display at Wellington Zoo:
Photos & report from Taranaki Area Eltham Machine Knitting Weekend
-  thanks Elaine Were & Doreen Berge
Janet, Anne, Elaine, & Trish
Janet, Doreen & Trish
Trish & Janet
Lesley's Knitting...
Taranaki Area Eltham Machine Knitting Weekend. 19th 20th & 21st August

With only 6 people attending we had the new house and used the carpeted garage for our knitting machines with Lesley having the 'studio' or was it the naughty room?

In this entrance room  she could have the door open as we had a heater going in the garage.
Doreen & Lesley stripped their machines down and gave them a really much needed clean.  In Doreen's it was decided the possum was either coming or going as what a lot of fluff had packed  in everywhere.  Lesley did have a few problems finding holes to put some screws back into.

The resident 'gremlin' keep really busy all weekend sharing his special 'skills' around, and as usual, never missed out anyone although he did seem to favour one or two.

Trish was doing rib & cables, so what's new there.  Elaine was working with partial knitting and getting some interesting garments.  Anne did some dyeing of knitted lengths so we are looking forward to seeing the end results.  Janet B. was using 2 different machines and having problems figuring out a slipper pattern.

Mary popped in with a lovely Birthday cake as her Birthday is next week.
Excellent meals so we all rather over ate and the new house worked a treat for such a small number.
The Manawatu machine knitters club donated these 100% wool blankets to our Maternity ward for our at risk babies. This is their 3rd donation to the babies of this district. We are extremely grateful! [fhanks from the local Hospital]
Southland Area:
ILT Kidzone Invercargill:
Here are some photos of the children knitting scarves in our room at ILT Kidzone in the July holidays.
We had 4 bulky machines in use plus extra people helped the children put on tassels when they finished knitting.
Everybody has to line up & wait their turn & there is a steady turn out for the 6 days it is on.

Photos from Southland Areas Edenview Camp Workshop 31 Jan. - 3 Feb 2019:
We had people from Manawatu, Canterbury, Otago & Southland attending.
It was a wonderful weekend.

Thanks, Anne Baxter
Blanche's Bag
Dining Room
Garment Designer
Main Hall
On the Machines
Machines 2
Marilyn's Bag